About Us


Just 2 tanks I told myself

Then 6, then 8 then.....

We all know how easy it is to fall into The Cichlid Addiction!

With all our tanks and fish there was still something missing?

We had plenty of rocks, caves, bells and more but...


Pet Store quality was not going to cut it!

We needed something hand crafted and natural.

That's where Pearl stepped in.

Pearl has made artificial floral arrangements for  as long as I can remember.

With everyone's help in the family and a patient wife we soon had what we wanted.

Lush, Natural and Cichlid Proof Plants in all of our aquariums.

I can't describe how much satisfaction it gives us to say these are made here in America!

Hand crafted one by one using only tank tested and fish friendly materials.

All our plants have slate or rock bases making them them stay put when your Cichlids decide to arrange there tank. While we do offer similar plants they all will vary slightly just like real plants. We also offer and enjoy making custom plants to order, so please ask!

After tank testing for a few years in our 14 tanks as well as close friends we started to sell to the public in 2009. at the G.A.C.C. swaps outside Chicago up until we moved in 2015 to Eastern North Carolina. Leaving behind 100's of loyal plant customers.

We are back bigger and better then ever in 2020 and look forward to talking to new and old customers alike. Please Enjoy Our Site.

Yours Truly

The Elite Cichlids Team